6 Best Unblocked Music Sites to Listen Music!

The entire crazy music lover is you bored to unblocking the music websites then this is for you. It helps you to find out your favorite songs and download it as your requirement. Recommending you a great list of unblocked music sites and we are sure this list will definitely trigger your mind. If you are a real ‘Melophile’ then you are getting positive vibes from us because we are going to help you to recall your childhood memories.

This is not the end through these music sites you can easily access the huge music library and also can download your dearest melody.

Best Unblocked Music Sites in 2020:

However, we are not gonna take any more time to let’s get introduced to these unblocked music sites.

1. Google Music

This site takes the top place in our counting, offering you a free app so that you can easily access their website. It is so user friendly that it is not even restricted or blocked in any educational institute school or college, in fact not in the workplace. We all know about this app because of its availability of songs and albums; almost all the latest and old songs are in their bucket. If you are a youngster then this music app will definitely draw your attention, but if you use the web version then it is not very interesting for you.

However, this is our duty to serve you correct information whether it should be known to you that to access this music website you need to have a Google account. It is often seen that the pop up notifications, free ads disturb the listener hence, Google Music provides you a better and smoother experience of enjoying music. They offer a monthly $99.99/month subscription plan to toss out the undesired ads and notification and also allow you to access more additional features. You can stream all Google Music Songs & Movies using Netflix Premium Accounts for free.

2. Grooveshark

This music site has arrived with plenty of features and offers a disturbance free access. You know what; you can listen to your preferable music from this site without signing up the account. We are sure that this site will lure your mind because it serves a number of features such as it provide a good searching option for the users. If you forget the song then you can search it name of the artist or its album so that you can easily listen to your favorite ones. Though this facility is available it only happens according to their recorded list.

If you like any song then you can download that song from this website very easily because there are no extra puzzled up options that can normally be seen in other music sites. This is a pretty straightforward and well-organized system whether you can easily find out everything. One more thing to share that GROOVESHARK allows you to listen offline downloaded music. Although they cater multiple features it is not yet confirmed that this site is legal or illegal and therewe will suggest you use it to listen to songs but don’t download them.

3. Soundzabound

After having a short discussion of the crazy music lovers, let’s check out how these unblocked music sites are useful for educational. Yes, don’t be amazed! SOUNDZABOUND is counted among those music websites which is really helpful for educational purposes, especially for the school and college students. They serve a quality content of songs that do not only serve the purpose of highly relatable to educational work but also effective for entertainment purposes.

This website provides a vast range of music collections from the very core of classic songs to hard rock. Though, the manager of this music website declared that this is a contribution from him to the students all over the world. Therefore, we will recommend you to try this music website because it is completely legal and helpful. However, this website is mainly familiar to the students for its offering to educational purposes.

Using SoundzaBound on Garageband you can create your own Music. Just like all other music creation softwares Garageband Windows 10 Software helps you to compare your own music with ease.


Do you like Bollywood songs? If you do then this music website is perfect for you because it is an Indian music website. Though they have largely distributed Bollywood music, they also deliver music from all over the globe. If you are a typical Indian and love to whisper desi music then you should go for it. Reliance Industries owned this site and spread it to the widest part of the world. Saavn is a completely unblocked music site because the firewall cannot block this.

One of the most key features that Saavn has introduced is free radio streaming which is really innovative. There are many old people who are likely to be nostalgic and fond to hear the radio channels and thereit is really an impressive one. You can also hear the online radio streaming and the quality of the songs are very high that we are sure enough that it will swing your mood. Though, we will recommend you to hear the music in a medium quality because it may be harmful to the future. This site is accessible for both Android and iOS users, but it is optional. Hence, it is our opinion to access this music website at least once because there are many more things are waiting for you. You can use Saavn in your Working in Walmart Store also. Just use Walmartone Login option to grant employee access for songs & music.


This is something special for you, whether in a maximum number of music devotees love this site completely because of its specific search options. It allows you to search the music according to the region where are you looking for and you will have plenty of useful suggestions. As they serve different categories of songs for all categories of ages and peoples. Moreover, this site gives you both options to access free and paid versions, then it is up to you whether you will choose the free or paid one.

This is not the end; they provide facilities to you more features if you subscribe to their monthly package. If you are not interested in paid subscription then you don’t need any sign up because it is all free services for the users. The internet radio is one of their best quality services whether a wide range of languages and regions are covered through this facility. In fact, it is interesting to make you know that you can access their services browsing over the internet; there is no need to download their app.

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